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What is up with gabapentin


This drug is so strange, at this very moment I’m having a very intresting reaction, it’s kinda fucking awesome, but also fucking confusing.

I took a month tolerance break from gabapentin so my tolerance is was back to baseline. I was heading to a party and decided to swallow 80mg of adderall(tolerance) and dosed gabapentin through out the day. The party ended up being canceled but it was all cool, me and some girls rolled over to ihop. I was feeling very good from the adderall, the gabapentin slowly creeped up and lowered my inhibitions and let me live in the precious moment.

As I went home I was still feeling fantastic, I decided to take some more gabapentin for the dreaded comedown. 2 hours later I’m seeing acid like visuals and feeling very spacy. Seeing mild waving and colors.

My thought is my brain is having some memorization associated with gabapentin and adderall because I combined them both with LSD. I find it very strange, I know weed can have the same effects after combining with LSD. but this shit isn’t weed it’s gabapenitn?

^^ It’s nothing unusual. It’s a well-known fact that gabapentin and pregabalin can be psychedelic in larger doses.


Yeah, these gabapentinoids are trippy by themselves,but when combined with adderall, i imagine that they could get really intense at time. I think you bring up a good point about the psychological aspect of remembering the trips youve had before because im sure that that plays a minor role in it, but ive had some pretty intense CEVs on pregabalin before too, so i know what you mean

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