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I’m getting a 10 strip of acid to share with my dad 1st time

Speed King

I am pleased to say that a close friend of mine is acquiring a sheet of acid(offically untested, but bought from the same vendor for thee years. I know there are a few variations of LSD. I would get it tested, but I don’t now My friend was always satisfied) My friend has done drugs including DMT and 25i. I trust him .He is going to give me many for free. In my spirit I feel this is the right for the both of us. I will have plenty of 10mg Valium and a lot of 2mg Risperdal. If any one knows or cares, each blotter has sponge bob square pants with big eyes looking high.’The doses are 100ug each. I haven’t dropped acid in 15 years . My father hasn’t hasn’t had acid , in close to 40 years.
When I aqiuire the acid, I will cut it into quarters, which would equal roughly 25ug. This way I can get an idea for the dose.
Can any Bluelightrs give me some feedback or comments on my plan. If I am comfortable, I will dose higher as in 50ug and work up to full doses of 100ug blottters/
I wllll plan spending time outdoors, see how that ‘works.’All educated, smart responses welcome. Thank you

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