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Cactus Identification – Active or Not?

StaticRage Can someone tell me whether this glorious piece of Cactus is a piece of a San Pedro or not? If not, what species of Cactus is this and is it Active or not? Cheers —— mindseye888 It has the more rounded edges that San Pedro has rather than a more pointed star like

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ALD-52 + Shrooms

Robinvanpersie Anyone tried this and would like to share your experience? ——

Dosing eth-lad without making blotter or keeping it in liquid questions and ideas

mudderdean1122 So I am very interested in finally getting some eth-lad to try out, I’m actually quite certain I was given eth-lad and was told it was lsd so I want to compare the two experiences. I found a source of eth-lad crystal and before placing the order I am struck with the question of

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Why do central banks currently favor cheap money policies?

Currently, central banks around the world are setting very low interest rates. According to Taylor rules, which most central banks can be shown to roughly follow, this implies that they believe that the natural level of output is greater than the current level of output and/or current inflation is below its target. Looking at real

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How fast does Salvia tolerance build up?

LSD-Magic Just wondering. —— Clocktower It depends on personal body chemistry and frequency of use. armoredslug Actually, Salvia has a reverse tolerance effect because of its action in the brain. I smoke Salvia frequently and find that I need less than I did initially to get the same effects. There are some great Salvia posts

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DMT inducing bowl movement

FractalMe In all my years of doing DMT one thing I’ve consistently noticed is that, as silly as it is, I feel the need to take a poop right as the onset hits. Is this just me or do other people experience this too? It is by no means a bad thing, in fact when

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Is this 4-AcO-DMT ??

chrono187 I purchased 1 Gram of 4-AcO-DMT, from a source in Canada. It came in today.. and the color is like a Grayish/Light-Blue color… It is Fumarate. Everywhere I have read, it is supposed to be white/off-white/or brown… Did I receive 4-AcO-DMT, or something else? And if I got someone else.. what could it be?

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Will DMT improve my mental health?

eastern star I really want to change myself in a lot of ways. Depression, anxiety, addiction are a few areas I could use some improvement in. I have the impression DMT is a profound and spiritual journey, that you see God and feel at peace. Does anyone have personal experience with mental health changes from

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Why do falling oil prices take stocks with it?

The price of oil fell again today and is now below $30/barrel for the first time in 12 years. Along with the fall came most of the US stock markets. If I didn’t know any other information except for “the price of oil fell today”, my gut reaction would be that the oil companies stock

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Redosing LSD to bring back peak

cyberius I’m going to a rave next weekend that will be 8 hours long. I want to dose 100ug of LSD at the beginning and maybe 50ug near the end so I can peak again for the headlining DJ’s. Is this a good idea? Will the experience last much longer? —— Burnt Offerings Nope. Not

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