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Questions about the Nutmeg(MMDA)

RaZzoX Aloha, Im new here, so I dont know if this is the right place for asking you some questions about the funny spice, but whatever. I’ve taken nutmeg alot of times but only 2 times a whole nutmeg, I need to say that it is alot different between a bought packet of ground nutmeg

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What causes the “imperialism of economics” and how did it start?

Wikipedia defines “economics imperialism” as follows: Economics imperialism (often economic imperialism) in contemporary economics refers to economic analysis of seemingly non-economic aspects of life, such as crime, law, the family, prejudice, tastes, irrational behavior, politics, sociology, culture, religion, war, science, and research. Related usage of the term predates recent decades. My question is this. What

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Compound Cream with 10% Ketamine

negiko This is my first post ever, and I know i’m not posting it in the right spot, but i have no idea where i am supposed to post it. I recently got prescribed with a pain relief lotion of 120grams that is: Diclofenac Sodium 5% Gabapentin 6% Baclofen 2% Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride 2% Bupivacaine Hydrochloride

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Practical examples of fair division algorithms being used

Consider the problem of fairly sharing a homogeneous cake between two people. It is well-known that a fair division can be achieved through the divide and choose procedure: player 1 cuts the cake into two pieces and player 2 chooses a piece. This problem can be generalized to non-homogeneous cake, more than two players, etc.

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what to expect/ how to prepare for an 1p-lsd (or any) trip

ewawoowaa I got some 1p-lsd from a vendor and i think it had a bitter/metallic/electric taste to it so I’m wondering whether its actual 1p-lsd. Besides from reagent testing it to distinguish it from anything else ( especially 25i-NBOMe) how else should i go about getting the most from a trip and to reduce angst

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is it harmless to try lsd after I just got switched to a new med?

CantseemtofindMary I just got put on Oxtellar for epilepsy. Im also on Lamictal. Should I try LSD or will something seriously harmful happen to me? —— PriestTheyCalledHim They might make the LSD not work? I’m not sure though as I’ve never taken these medications. CantseemtofindMary Theres no harm in trying

Shrooms and Accutane

PS13 Hi, I’m planning a shroom trip in about 2 weeks from now, I take 60mgs of accutane daily and have no side effects minus the dry skin. I’ve read quite a few posts on different forums on the topic but can’t find anything conclusive (I’m leaning towards taking them since I’d assume there would

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Tripping shrooms 2 days in a row with lemon tek

NeoLid So last night I went out and got some shrooms, unfortunately my dealer would not sell me less then 5g so I ended up buying 5g. I took about 2.5-3g last night and had a extraordinarily strong trip, I would say comparable to 1.5mg of NBome or about 300-400mg of AL-LAD, I was really

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2CB dose for clubbing?

StreetHalo91 I’m going out to a club for the first time in a while soon and I’m considering taking some 2CB. I usually use MDMA for clubbing but the last couple of times have given me horrible comedowns which weren’t really worth the high so I’m hoping 2CB could be a good alternative. I have

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randomly smelling/tasting DMT?

CrypticArc After smoking DMT, I get that distinct offensively strong horrible plastic/mothball taste and smell. At first I thought maybe I had breathed it out onto my hair (i have long hair), so I washed my hair and surprise, it didn’t go away. I thought I was going crazy so I asked my friend, who’s

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