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If more than one person experience the same exact hallucination..

s0nic is it still considered a hallucination?.. discuss —— Burnt Offerings Yes, simply because 1+ person has a similar drug-induced hallucination does not mean said drug-induced hallucination is based on reality approaching any sort of objective basis. It’s amusing, all I could see regarding the thread title before clicking on it was “if more than

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The Main Tripping in Secret Thread

Psilocybin vs. Antidepressants

iksaxophone What are people saying about the advantages and disadvantages of both? I’ve heard mushrooms and other psychedelics can be used to treat depression, but I’m not sure by what mechanism. Also, I have no idea how legal antidepressants work, but that’s another research project. —— terarc Psilocybin can help depression not directly but through

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I think I’m never coming back from my acid trip ???

gallardo3000 Hey guys, I’m sure this is a very common thing to feel, but as every experience is different for every individual I thought I might share it, because it’s been kinda giving me a hard time for a while now… I believe psychedelic experiences do expand your consciousness and help you understand. I know

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Taking Psychedelics While Stressed-Out/Preoccupied

PsychonautRyan So I have a lot going on in my life right now: traffic court fines, being in line for a promotion at work, hunting for a second job, outstanding debts I need to make payments on, dating, having a social life, the list goes on ad infinitium. I’ve been using DXM daily at first

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4-HO-MET administration method

nukayo Hey, anybody try make a solution of 4-ho-met + alcool or water, with 1 drop 1 dose(10mg p/ drop)? I think its possible, but its stable? Thanks! —— Achten I would use pure alcohol, no water. But I should add I’m just beginning to use volumetric dosing so I don’t know the particulars yet.

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Deciding which method to use with Yopo

Oakstone (Looked around a good bit on the forums and didn’t see anything that really covers what I’m asking, so I made this new topic.) Finally got around to trying out DMT/related compounds, and I ordered ~20 yopo (made sure they were yopo, not cebil) seeds. At this point, I’m mostly deciding how I should

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Heroic dose shrooms

KushGotMeStoned_42 Anyone ventured past 17 dried grams? That’s as high as I’ve been I plan on going higher n the 17 grams were dried penis envy and golden teachers —— cyberius I think there’s a ceiling, but high dose psych trips have similar effects and I’ve had my fair share of ++++ trips. Your sensory

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People around don’t hallucinate as much as I do !!!

skobot22 Hey there,my good friends So,I’ve done mushrooms more than ten times and every time I have REALLY REALLY STRONG HALLUCINATIONS-I am not talking about warping in space,shadows,colors,objects etc…I literally go to a fucking another dimension,I can zoom objects like 1000 times and go on deeper inside,unable to get up or even see anything around

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Why to not take consecutive doses of LSD analogues

rippedzipper A little back story on my experience with psychedelics in general. Under my belt; morning glory extract (LSA), cubies, salvia, ketamine, DXM, 4-ACO-DMT, 2C-E, 2C-C. It has been months since I ate a mushroom, and had always entertained the idea of doing LSD though, never could obtain it. So I found myself some analogues

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