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Win gt

smitty823j WIN GT. Has anyone heard of this? Evidently this is one of two products that my RC supplier can ship to NC.. and before anyone asks…no…I do not know anyone in SC…sad since i am 9 miles from the border. Let’s assume that the RC supplier won’t ship to a po box and WIN

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Shroom capsules (Help)

Gonzales Sanchez Hey guys i’m new to posting on this forum but have been a long time lurker haha, just wondering if anyone can help me out with telling me whether these are legit or not. A mate of mine usually hooks me up with good shrooms (psilocybe subaeruginosa) but this time he had caps

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Wire tap law – Better Call Saul

At the season finale of Better Call Saul: Season 2. Chuck records Jimmy admitting to committing a felony. The recording was obtained without Jimmy’s permission (the tape recorder was hidden). Wouldn’t this recording be inadmissible in court as it violates the wire tap law?      Is this a telephone conversation or a face-to-face conversation?

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Has a “joint paratransit plan” ever been implemented in the United States for a complimentary paratransit?

The date (1992) mentioned on these Federal Transportation Administration regulations below seem to indicate that either this regulation was very popular, because it wasn’t taken out of the ADA laws, or it hasn’t been changed in 25 years. Is there a quick way to find out what municipalities in the United States adopted this strategy

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Slipped drink still feeling effects 2 days later? GHB overdose? Need clarification

Dropocalypse Hi Bluelighters, I haven’t posted much or in a very long time but I need some help. Me and my girlfriend were at a huge music festival this last weekend, we’ve both taken mushrooms 40+ times and we’ve been drinking pretty heavily for about 2 years. It was sunday night, we had met up

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psychs and meditation

acidicweed_69 as ive become more and more experienced with psychedelics, and had trips which have become a little too ‘cluttered’ (sober ppl present, trippers wigging out, uncomfortable locations etc.) the idea of taking a solo trip and trying 2 meditate sounds increasingly appealing 2 me. problem is i dont know much about meditation, how 2

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900MG Dxm high lasting 2 days!!!!!!why?!?!

TheCasualSmoker Hey guys well my last post was about good movies to watch on 900mg of dxm, thanks to all who gave me advice but i expirienced something very weird, as i drank 2 5oz,bottles of deslym, the polistirex formulation the dxm did not kick in at all that night, i waited 5 hours and

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Help with psychedelic cactii species

Flarestar89 I know that san pedro and other psychedelic cacti can be purchased at garden stores and so on, but uh… I’m not sure the best way to go about ID’ing one. I’ve looked a bit, but I hear that different names can be used. I really don’t want to get the wrong sort of

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LSA To LSD Synthesis

demonfox So i am Able to Harvest pure yellow lsa after goin through lot of hard trials n mistakes, n while searching the blogs, ebooks n filtering all google i havent found a single piece of info for how to turn my lsa into lsd-25 in more friendly layman language? can anyone help? 😕 ——

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How to sync Android phone with Noise?

As the title says, I want to sync Noise with my Android phone. Mounting with MTP works perfectly. Now is the only question: Why does the device not show up in Noise? —