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Iran “sanctions”?

In the news I keep hearing about “sanctions” on Iran. For example, one article published today, said that “sanctions were lifted”, but that “some sanctions still remain”. Such news stories are invariably vague about exactly what these “sanctions” are. US law? EU law? UN resolution? What? How can I find out exactly what these “sanctions”

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Has “deceiving a machine” been prosecuted/defined in practice?

Alaska Statutes – Section 11.46.985 (“Deceiving a machine”) states: In a prosecution under this chapter for an offense that requires “deception” as an element, it is not a defense that the defendant deceived or attempted to deceive a machine. For purposes of this section, “machine” includes a vending machine, computer, turnstile, or automated teller machine.

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Mushrooms+hash I need help, i’m lost.

Peaceandporc Hi, This afternoon me ande two friends took 2.5g of highly potent dried cubensis (thai+columbian). After a very intense 5h trip, at the end of my come down and having smoked about 2/3rd of a 5-6g bar of hash between the three of us, I got up (for the first time since the beginning

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self-deception and dishonesty [closed]

Is it generally taught in law schools that if no person other than one who utters a false statement can be deceived by it, then there is no dishonesty? [I tried to put an “ethics” tag on this question. There is no such tag and I am told I cannot create one until my reputation

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Can you trust research chemicals from online?

rollersmj i was recently curious about research chemicals in which I have probably taken in the past. Sometimes I would receive capsules with just tiny amounts of white powder, sometimes with a little crystalized substance in it, and I would be tripping face, seeing shit, jumping out of my body, awesome stuff. At the time,

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Must a minor be given access to his parents if requested when detained by police or a school?

I was surprised to learn that police can question a minor without the presence, permission, or even notification of the minor’s legal guardian. (Even when investigating a matter unrelated to the guardian.) Apparently children can even be Mirandized! Which means that in theory they can demand a lawyer if questioned. Do they also have a

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SR lab tested lsd 190mcg Trip..not expected.

shpongle1987 So my buddy ended up getting some LSD from silf road 2.0 along with some dmt that was extreemly pure. I am from upstate ny and i havent even tried looking for acid any more because its either bunk, weak, or not lsd. I also get the “good” doses sometimes and all they do

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Dissociative related psychotic experiance. what happened and why?

Kamuix Ok so let me start by letting you know my past drug use and also letting you know that I’ve never had a psychotic episode up until now and with a specific dissociative. Past dissociative use.. DXM.. over 200 trips dosage ranged between 200 and 1000, never had a direct problem with the drug.

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Blue Sunshine Blotters

rincewindrocks At a party over the weekend, I had a chance to get a free half-hit of Blue Sunshine Blotters. The guy who had them said they were “400 mics per hit” which I knew was bullshit, but the translation seemed to be “these are good, and a half hit should get you pretty fucked.”

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Why is it wrong for google to show its own other products in its search results?